Mountain Utah Family Medicine | Dr. David M. Pope, MD
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Dr. David M. Pope, MD

Dr. David M. Pope received his Bachelors of Science at Portland State University in 1986, and completed his postgraduate studies at Portland State in 1987. He then attended Oregon Health Science University from 1987 to 1991, where he received his MD.

Dr. Pope did his residency in family medicine from 1991-1994 at the McKay-Dee Family Medicine in Ogden, Utah. He then began practicing medicine in 1994 at Sevier Valley Medical Center as an emergency room physician, and also practiced at Mountain Utah Family Medicine in Richfield, UT.

Practicing Family Medicine in Richfield since 1994, Dr. Pope is dedicated to comprehensive health care for people for all ages. The very nature of Family Practice Medicine is that it encompasses the whole family at all stages of life-infants, pediatric, and geriatric medicine.

Dr. Pope provides full obstetrical care, including Cesarean sections. He treats and manages acute and chronic health conditions as well. If needed, he works closely with numerous specialists and subspecialists to provide the most optimal care for his patients.

Dr. Pope embraces the rural lifestyle and is committed to providing surrounding communities with contemporary medical care at his clinic. He emphasizes disease prevention, health promotion, and patient education.

According to Dr. Pope, an ongoing personal/patient relationship that focuses on integrated care results in better overall health outcomes. His patients find him to be very knowledgeable, approachable, and sincere.

Dr. Pope is married, the father of six children, and grandfather to 8. He is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys golfing, hiking, gardening, and horseback riding.