Mountain Utah Family Medicine | About Us
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About Us

Mission Statement

Mountain Utah Family Medicine is committed to providing compassionate, patient-centered, high quality care that is available to patients from children through adulthood. Through efficient use of office staff and medical technology, we are able to offer exceptionally accessible and personalized care in a comfortable atmosphere.

  • 01 CARE

    To provide the best possible medical care for our patients and to build a practice which allows us to provide this care in a comfortable and pleasant setting.

  • 02 DIGNITY

    To treat each patient with dignity, respect, kindness and courtesy and to let the patient know that they are valued as a person in this practice


    To serve our community through preventative medicine and other outreach projects.


    To have highly qualified and motivated staff who are interested in their work and our patients.

Family Medicine

Comprehensive health care services for the whole family at every stage of life.


Women's health care services for pregnancy, labor and delivery, and reproductive health.


Specialty treatment and care for conditions relating to the foot, ankle and leg.

Acute Health

Urgent medical care for severe injuries and illnesses requiring short-term treatment.

Chronic Health

Long-term medical treatment and care for a wide range of conditions and diseases.

Health Insurance

Most major insurance companies are accepted by our medical clinic for your convenience.

Disease Prevention

Minimize the risk of disease for our patients and the local community.

Health Promotion

Promote healthy living to prevent the development of sickness and disease.

Patient Education

Inform patients on medical conditions and treatment options available to them.